We have had a very very long gap between blog posts, and like writing to friends, the longer you leave it the more it seems like you need to write something really long and impressive not just a few lines, the task becomes overwhelming so you don’t do it at all.

So I feel like there have been a few reasons for my blogging to fall by the wayside:

1. general busyness.

2.Jonathan is usually on the main household computer and it’s the only place IO can easily deal with uploading photos.

3. now I only have one 14 year old at home we don’t do things which are so interesting on a day to day basis certainly they are things which don’t make for such nice pics. This leads on to the next point

4. my blog was mostly about our home educating life, despite still having Jonathan at home we seem to have a very different life now to even 3 years ago when I still, just about, had 3 children at home being home educating. It seemed then like we were a “home educating family” it made up a big part of our identity, now it seems like we are a much smaller family who happens to still be home educating one mid teen boy. We don’t go to many HE events anymore and Jonathan is pretty independent. For us things seem very very different now.

I am unsure whether to carry on with the blog or give it up but I feel we have had a number of milestones in the last 6 months that I haven’t blogged about and would like to so I am going to catch up with them and then make a decision.


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