So the headline news is Ruth got A*s in psychology and sociology and A grades in graphic design and her EPQ. We were already happy going into the college to get the results as her UCAS track had been updated and she had been accepted at Bath very much her first choice! This made getting the results envelope a much less stressful thing.

The history is not what you may expect. Ruth would not have been my predicted child to get the academic qualifications. She didn’t read until she was nearly 9 , didn’t write a paragraph until she was 13 and doing her environmental management IGCSE. We didn’t hot house her we had a pretty autonomous approach to home-educating and Ruth definitely was more artistic and physical rather than academic, although she always had a great instinctive feel for maths ( and did her maths GCSE when she was 12 having done no formal maths before starting the GCSE study (blog post about maths here)).

She studied 4 IGCSEs/1GCSE at home before fighting to get a place at the local 6th form college – they weren’t happy to accept the English IGCSE – bet they are pleased they took her now! At this stage she was ready to do more formal study and really apply herself, she worked amazingly hard whilst still keeping her job at Robin Hill.

We are so pleased that she got into her choice of university and very proud of her – regardless of her results we were so proud of how she decided what she wanted to do and really applied herself to it – but we are delighted that she got grades that reflected her hard work and dedication. Well done Ruth


4 Thoughts on “A level Results Day

  1. Maria Tait on August 19, 2016 at 10:00 am said:

    Congratulations Ruth, what fantastic news and another huge inspiration for all of us out here in Home Education land. I have a very artistic, maths averse middle child up and coming atm so I’m hanging in there to see how things turn out for her. Martin and Susan you were among the sage voices that kept me sane when ODD refused to read until she was 9. She’s just about to go into College second year to do Chemistry advance higher and philosophy higher while continuing her Statistics and History A level studies at home. It’s amazing to see how the girls and Jonathan growing up. Always were, still are a lovely family x

  2. Melanie Holmes on May 11, 2017 at 2:16 pm said:

    Only just seen this post, but a belated ‘well done’ Ruth. I hope you’re really enjoying your time at Bath.

    Just a quick question, Susan – we’re just about to start home ed with our 13 yr old daughter, so we’re in the process of choosing exam boards and qualifications for her to study. She’s very academic at school, but not happy in the school environment. She is willing however, to return to a sixth form to study A Levels, as she wants to go on to university.

    Starting in September, she’s very keen to work towards ‘GCSE equivalent’ qualifications, but I noticed your comment about the sixth forms not liking the IGCSE English. Do you know what their problem was with it? Or do you have any advice?

    Kind regards

  3. Susan on May 11, 2017 at 2:23 pm said:

    She is getting on well at Bath thank you. The college just took quite some convincing that the IGCSE was acceptable, different college vary BUT it should be acceptable BUT you may have to fight for it to be recognised. TBH as a home educator there are not many options so approaching the local college in advance and asking them about it would probably be the best bet!

  4. Melanie on May 12, 2017 at 2:51 pm said:

    Thanks Susan. Good advice – I will check it out with the local sixth form and college in advance. We’re really looking forward to our home ed journey, but trying to plan and sort out any issues where we can before we begin. Thanks again. Melanie

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