This is the Gibson family blog, about life on the Isle of Wight, home education, taking pictures, having fun, being silly, growing courgettes, and pretty much anything esle we feel like posting. The current site is the fusion of 2 blogs – Wight Weirdos, our whole-family blog and Maybe it Mutters, Martin’s expression of his inner grumpy old man. You’ll now find MiM as a seperate section on the blog, but Martin’s whingeing and moaning will pop up on the front page alongside the rest of the posts. Sorry.

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking into home educating my son 8 years old as we are having lots of problems at school. I was trying to find out more about home education on the Island and if there are support groups and groups where parents and children meet up.
    I have tried to contact a few people who I have found doing searches on the internet, but can’t seem to get hold of anyone.
    I have now come across your site and wondered if you could point me in the right direction?
    Thanks Louise.

  2. Have you come across the Isle of Wight Learning Zone website at http://www.iwlearningzone.co.uk/ ? It’s a bit out of date at the moment (new one due to go live shortly).

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