Happy Easter.

I woke up at 5.30 so rolled out of bed and dashed off to East Cowes for their dawn service – I was a wee bit late, but in time for communion and bacon sandwiches. They didn’t sing Thine Be The Glory which was a slight disappointment and the sun rise was hidden by the clouds but it was still brilliant to be on the beach at sunrise celebrating Easter Sunday with other Christians from the island.

Photo0056 Photo0057

And our mantelpiece is transformed from the solitary bare cross to a vibrant fruitful display.


After much debate and searching of the ethical consumer website we decided on a compromise of Thorntons eggs, Thornons came out better than most of the mainstream fairtrade chocolates. I was very pleased with my Attic 24 inspired Easter wreath.


And our bare branched tree is now covered by crosses and eggs – the girls thought my moustachioed eggs were not in keeping with the Easter tree but I was very pleased with them!


I’ve done lots of crochet over the last month or two but not much blogging – so here are some catch up photos.

Valentine hearts – some inspired by Bunny Mummy and some by Red Heart



Pot covers – inspired by Attic 24


A variety of table mats


Work on-going on leap-year blanket:


Other odds and ends:


Facebook is to blame for this – I followed a friend around and landed on a group about making a crochet leap year blanket. The idea is that you make a square a day and turn it into a blanket – I was hooked! now I I know what I am like and I would start off very enthusiastically and make more than one square a day and then maybe one or two every three or four days then one a week or two and then give up. So I decided that I would commit to making one square a week and if I did more it would be a bonus.


The other thing I know about myself is that if i left it to the end of the year to put together I’d never do it, so it’s being pieced togther as I go.


the colours are just made up from what I had to hand and what I fancy adding. i also have done rather random sizes as I don’t tend to take too much notice of what wool should be used for what sized hook or for what gauge.


So the whole thing is a bit of a random, hotch potch of things I have ready to use up and things I like.

The other thing that some people are doing is making special square for special occasions, so having spent a lovely Burns night with friends I decided I’d have a go at my first square with a meaning. It’s not finished yet but you get the idea. I also make so diddy diddy squares with the same colours to act as grouting between big square – I think perhaps making all the squares the same size might have been a better idea!