Some of our Christmas activities.

Martin and I went out for a Christmas meal, we went to The Taverners at Godshill, I’d never been before but it was lovely with lots of local food and I’d definitely go back again:



Making pomanders a few days before Christmas with some friends:



The we follow a pattern each year. My family comes over to visit the weekend before Christmas just a few days beforehand this year. It was only a quick visit but there was time to share dinner together and to exchange presents.



The day itself saw me up first – not the kids. So I got the breakfast ready and then everyone congregated in our room to open stockings together! Time for breakfast simple but nice – croissants and yoghurt and fruit and very very local honey from Sue Bailey. Rebekah reads us the note from Father Christmas and then it’s off to church where we were leading the singing and Martin took part in a strange ritual of finding the spiritual significance of many presents and Jonathan showed off his onesie!



After church we have our starter of dips and vegetables, then we open presents and then have our main meal (not a roast – this year Hairy Bikers Chicken Paprika). Then a game (ticket to Ride – although Ruth went and had a nap) then Christmas Doctor Who and Outnumbered and pudding. We do the same things more or less each year and everyone seems happy with it.



 Last day of celebrations for us on boxing day when Martin’s family come and visit. They were delayed by a missing ferry but we still managed to fit in lunch, a short walk, present exchange, game of cluedo and yummy dinner before they had to go back again.

Our Christmas days follow a fairly predictable pattern.

The girls get up early and open stockings we eventually wake Jonathan up and any remaining stockings are opened in our bedroom and all gifts are displayed for everyone to see. highlights this year were Rebekah spilling her tea over my lovely and expensive (certainly by our standards) Laura Ashley duvet cover which needed immediate dealing with to stop it staining (it didn’t stain :-)) and Martin receiving some luxury loo roll (as one of his Grumping subjects this year has been my choice of Lidl loo roll) – there was the usual assortment of chocolate, hairbands, magazines, pants and socks etc.

Then we have a yummy but easy breakfast, in this case a selection of croissants, pain au chcolat and muffins.

Then off to church – reasonably early as we are doing the music – the whole family doing O Come All Ye Faithful, Ruth on keyboard, Jonathan on leading child for the chorus, Martin on guitar, Rebekah on recorder and I just sing.

Then home for dinner. Dinner lasts all day in our house we just spread the courses out through the day. So we have a starter when we get home – easy and quick – veggie sticks and dips with bread-sticks and Pringles.

Ruth struggling with the bottle - Jonathan can't wait for the rest of us.

Martin has managed to get in to Lidl 99p Perry

Martin has to rescue Ruth

Rebekah attempts to drink her Bucks Fizz

Ruth shows us how it's done with more dignity

After the starter we open our presents (pics on martin’s camera so they’ll probably never make it onto the blog). Things have moved on this year as no-one has any toys any more. Jonathan got a 3/4 sized Guitar; Ruth got mirrors for her room, book tokens, waterproof gloves and most wonderfully of all some edible glitter; Rebekah got a packet of buttons (but she had already had a contribution towards her new guitar) and Martin and I got a DVD that we had agreed between us (and two more to come but Amazon has disappointed us!).

Then we all decided we were still not hungry so we played a game of Wizard then I shoved the dinner in while we played another game of Wizard – it was the first timer we had played it since Ruth and I received it as a birthday present and we all really enjoyed it.

Then dinner. Not for us the traditional turkey – some time ago we decided it would be less stressful to have a different meal and we all said we loved lasagne so that is what we decided to have.

After dinner opening of other presents, we loved the biodegradable plant pots and seeds and the very pretty tiny espresso cups which we thought would work wonderfully with mulled wine.

Then we were waiting and waiting for Doctor Who to come on the iplayer. Watching it as soon as it was on (well as soon as I had finished with the Archers on the iplayer!) and eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – and this was the only negative moment in the day I had mistakenly bough the wrong ice cream – there was no cookie dough only phish food and chocolate brownie – but we survived this by eating it while we were watching Doctor Who which was excellent as usual!

And that was pretty much it 🙂

The higlight of our recent CBBC tour was probably before it even started properly. A real former TARDIS parked outside Television Centre! Actually the whole of our worthy “Let’s go to London to help the kids out with their Tudor’s project” trip seemed to turn into a Doctor Who tour. Canary Wharf (Torchwood), the Globe theatre, and the TARDIS to finally top it off. Just look at the expression on Ruth’s face….

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Well we are well and truly back from our holidays now. I was so sad to leave the Netherlands and all the wonderful cycling (not to mention pancakes) that I actually cried!

We had a good time in London with friends afterwards. The highlight was going to the CBBC tour at Television Centre. Ruth was literally jumping up and down (and flapping her arms like wings) with excitement when they saw a real Tardis (not the one they are currently using but a previous one.

We did heaps of other stuff too, Hampton Cout, The globe, the Aquarium and Princess Diana Memorial gdns (lovely play park).

Jonathan meanwhile, stayed with my mum and sister and went to legoland, swimming and played with remote controlled boats, he had a great time too.

Now we are back and we have all the normal stuff to do, home ed committee meetings, dentist appointments, letters to write, companies overcharging us to harrass, playgroup trips, shopping, unpacking blah blah blah. So we definitely feel back again