Well so much for the idea that the new legislation that comedy duo Balls and Badman want to introduce will only be good for home educators, it has done much harm even while it is only proposed legislation, not least in the amount of time it means that we home educated parents have wasted on it. The trustees of our local HE group wrote to 120 Lords last week campaigning, that’s quite a lot of time taken by people who are already serving the HE community locally beyond just providing for their own children.

Anyway onto my minor muttering.

Tomorrow on the ferry while I am going through the wonders of factorisation with the girls Martin will not be playing Shut the Box with Jonathan as I had planned. Rather he will probably be busy blogging a rant and writing to our MP about the consequences of the latest attacks on HE.

So once more we are campaigning for the right to continue to HE how we want rather than actually spending the time HEing how we want. And playing maths games on the ferry is what I want to do!

sellotapeWhat has happened to sellotape in recent years? It used to be that if you brought “own brand” sticky tape you took your chances, but sellotape could be trusted to do the job, albeit at a price. Now though the sellotape brand is a guarantee of complete sticktastic failure. I spent 20 minutes earlier wrestling with a roll of the stuff, and it’s just so flimsy it breaks if you look at the wrong way. Humph.

Image courtsey of wokka