I am very pleased to have completed a crocheted hat. Martin is less pleased as my new interest in crochet means that I have delayed yet again completing his socks.

I have been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now and we had some discussion about various crafts at LZ camp this year so I decided I would just have a go at it. Having got on well with the Ladybird how to knit book when I was just starting I thought their crochet book would be a good starting point too.

I didn’t find it to be quite as simple as the knitting book so looked up a couple of things on Youtube too.

This is just a sample of double crochet – or single crochet depending on whether you use the English or American terms – not that this confused me at all – no no.

his piece took me about 10 attempts. trying to work out which stitch to put the hook in is nowhere near as straight forward as the demos make it look!

Then I had a go at making what the Ladybird book refers to as “a little mat”. I found this working in the round much easier than doing rows. It’s a bit wonky but hey it’s a first attempt.

And finally I had a go at a granny square I made one all in one colour but managed to lose the end when I finished it and it unravelled. Then I had another go swapping colours about, I don’t have a clue how to change colours over so just somehow got them in. So here is my first multicoloured granny square.

I got a text from Rebekah last night (she was at festival and I was at home making chicken curry). She said “My knitted socks are the best things!! My feet are the only warm dry part of me!:)

Nice to feel appreciated.

So yesterday was world wide knit in public day. I was at the Isle of Wight Festival (volunteering for Gift to Nature) so managed to knit pretty publicly there, not in front of the main-stage though but in the much more intimate venue the Kashmir Cafe. So here I am watching my friend Mick Watson play some lovely but rather wrist slitting songs (definitely seems to be my preferred genre) and knitting my sock (this is the one I had to completely frog as I had made it far to tight due to knitting it following the pattern for the wrong ply – DOH!)